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Successful Social Media Advertising Strategies Webinar

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are important tools in the lives of hundreds of millions of people.  How can you leverage this large and growing audience to target your advertising to the right people and get a strong ROI?

Watch our recorded Webinar on “Successful Social Media Advertising Strategies” where  you will learn:

  • How Social Media Ad targeting compares with Search and Display advertising
  • How to set goals for building followers, driving leads, sales and building you brand
  • How to effectively  use Social Media demographic targeting options
  • How to integrate your paid ads with your organic posting.

This event will combine best practices with real-world case studies to give you a strong understanding of how to use these important tools.

Nowspeed is a Digital Marketing Agency with strong expertise in search and social advertising.

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Free Consultation

Posted by on February, 27 2014

Request Your Free Consultation

Nowspeed is very effective at accelerating marketing results. Sign up today to get a free assessment of your digital marketing programs, so that we can benchmark your programs against industry best practices and then develop a plan and a quote to dramatically improve your results.

As part of your assessment, Nowspeed will review your website and the programs you use to drive traffic, convert traffic to leads or sales, and nurture leads to become customers. Even if you never do business with Nowspeed, this assessment will give you specific best practice recommendations that will dramatically improve your online marketing programs.

Nowspeed will specifically evaluate:

  • Whether your website is a static brochure or a lead or sales-generating marketing engine.
  • Whether your website landing pages are designed using best practices to maximize sales leads.
  • Your keyword search engine rankings and website traffic compared to your competitors.
  • How well you are optimizing your paid search marketing and display advertising.
  • How well you are leveraging your content on social media to drive new followers and prospects.
  • Whether your emails are offering compelling content and driving conversions.
  • Whether you have the tools installed to properly evaluate your marketing performance.

Sign-up today to get a free assessment of your online marketing programs from a Nowspeed marketing expert. This is only for qualifying companies, but there is no risk and no obligation required.

How an Inbound Marketing Strategy Can Improve the Quality and Quantity of Leads

There are many facets to Inbound Marketing and every company has strengths and weaknesses in these areas while some don’t have a strategy in place at all. Identifying and acknowledging these strengths and weaknesses internally is a perfect place to start when companies are looking at the effectiveness of their Inbound Marketing.

Nowspeed surveyed clients and contacts to discover how their companies Inbound Marketing efforts were performing in the following marketing channels.

  • Website
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Advertising & Paid Search Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Download our free Inbound Marketing report to see how companies like yours view their Inbound Marketing efforts.

Justin Barton

How to Make Paid Search Pay Off

Posted by on January, 11 2013

Download this Free PPC Marketing White Paper

Paid Search like Google AdWords is one of the most effective marketing tools ever developed. Compared to other advertising media, it’s easier to get started, less expensive to manage, gets faster results, and is perfect for testing and optimizing.

Why then are so many paid search campaigns just not paying off?

Download the complimentary whitepaper, “How to Make Paid Search Pay Off” and get the latest insights and advice on how you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your paid search campaign – in some cases over 100-fold.

You’ll learn:

  • How to tap in to the full power of Google Adwords in ways you may not have before
  • The nine key variables you can optimize to gain immense improvements in campaign results
  • How to leverage Paid Search to achieve multiple marketing goals
  • Key insights to designing irresistible offers, ad copy and landing pages

The best-performing paid search campaigns are the ones that are constantly optimized. Find out how, why and where your campaign can be dramatically improved with the latest practical, proven insights in this whitepaper. Download your free copy now.

Download this Free Email Marketing White Paper

Imagine getting returns on your email efforts of nearly 50% of every dollar invested. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. In fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing when done right, can deliver this kind of ROI.

Download your complimentary copy of How an Innovative Email Marketing Strategy Can Pave the Way to New Customers and learn from arguably one of the experts in the industry, David Reske, what is holding back your email strategy from insanely high returns — both in prospects and new customers.

This strategy paper, based on over a decade of experience, reveals:

  • The key components most companies miss that thwart their email campaigns
  • Why the size of your list is critical and how to grow it exponentially with qualified recipients
  • How to match offers with audience in a way that will boost response rates
  • How to ensure your email gets delivered and opened, whether on a laptop or mobile device
  • How simple metrics and small changes can drastically boost response rates
  • How to leverage social media in your email campaigns

If you haven’t reviewed your email campaign strategy recently in light of new technologies, strategies and laws, you are potentially throwing away your email marketing budget. Download this white paper and start reaping the rewards of an optimal email strategy.

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